Condominium Paradise

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It is with pride that we reflect on this condominium project, which was so much more than a kitchen and bathroom remodel. This homeowner wanted to elevate the feel of her entire condo, creating an open concept kitchen and living room.

The existing kitchen was small and lacked functionality. In order to satisfy her vision, we removed a load-bearing wall on the ground floor of the four-storey condominium. Together with our engineer, we successfully removed the wall and installed a steel beam to carry the necessary load, avoiding any compromise of the structural integrity of the building.

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To transform the bathroom, we created a three-piece custom tile shower with the option to choose from single or double rain fall shower head; a handheld shower head on a slide bar; or all options on together. To complete the luxurious space, we installed in floor heating; a towel warmer; a space saving rotating mirror and shelf combination unit. All plumbing was changed from copper and cast iron to PEX and ABS, keeping with the most modern plumbing code.

New flooring, trim and paint was installed throughout the condo to coordinate with the client’s granite counter top. New LED lighting highlighted the space, consistent with the homeowner’s vision for a reinvented condo paradise.

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