Bathroom Remodel

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This bathroom remodel was more than a cosmetic face lift. The original bathroom was small and outdated and the 75 year old cast iron plumbing stack sat in the centre of the space. On top of that, an old roof was still existing under a new home addition causing a slanted ceiling on the shower wall.

We worked with the home owners and completely opened up the space, raising the ceiling to the new roof line and overtaking an unusable hallway linen closet and a walk-in closet in the main bedroom that wasn’t making the best use of the space.

New sub floor was installed and new framing was put in for the bathroom, hallway, and bedroom closet. All of the plumbing in the home was replaced with new PEX and ABS piping and the entire plumbing stack was moved in preparation for a future kitchen renovation.

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A stand-up shower was installed with a custom niche. Herringbone floor tile was laid with in-floor heating and a modern backsplash was installed over an antique vanity. A new window was installed greatly improving the lighting in the space.

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